"Next Time You Come in to Visit, Please Feel Free to Sign in to Our Text Club and Customer Loyalty Kiosk! After the First Check in You will Receive $2.00 Off Your Drink on the Next Visit! After Checking in 10 Times a Discount of 10% Will be Applied to Your Tab and You Will Receive a Free Dessert, With the Purchase of Two Entrees, After Checking in 20 Times!​ C'mon, It'll Be Fun!"

New Gluten Free Menu

New Lunch and Dinner Menu

What is Divots?

Divots is a year round, full scale restaurant located in the beautiful  Edgewood Clubhouse in North Fargo.  Divots is open daily at 6:00  AM and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

We try to position  ourselves as a step above the chain restaurants while still remaining more casual than some of the upscale establishments. 

We want all of our guests to feel comfortable during their visit.

We are very proud of  our establishment and we would like to show it off to you. We will do  our very best to make you want to come back again and again. 

What if I Don’t Golf?

We hear that some pWe hear that some people have the perception that you have to be a golfer or a member to be welcome at Divots.  This is just not the case.  Although there are times when we have golf tournaments, company outings, or special events where we are temporarily booked up, we remain open to the public every day.